Great Schooner Race

Fantastic Excitement, Beautiful Sails, Thrill of the Season


The Great Schooner Race

Day: July 4, 2017

Time: Tuesday night to Saturday morning

Cost: $850 per person

Details: It's a race and you're the crew! Help the crew tack the sails, strategize with the captain, and enjoy sailing amongst the largest fleet of tall ships in the world. There are usually about 20 traditional schooners in the race and you'll want your camera to be ready. If you have a need for speed or a desire to go home claiming "We won!", we're probably not the boat for you; as one of the oldest and slowest boats in the fleet, they let us get underway first and then we watch as they all pass us on their way to the finish line. We're the boat for you if you have a laid back approach and you'd like to capture photos of each boat from our stern as they approach and from our bow as they sail away. Low stress and lots of fun! race day this year is July 7, 2017.

For more details on this fabulous event check out the Official Great Schooner Race Website