Sweet Treats, Lobster Meat & More!

The Evans' Favorite Recipes


Sweet Treats & Lobster Meat: The Evans' Favorite Recipes

Here are some recipes from the galley of the Evans. Check here often for new treats!

On board the Evans everyone is welcome to help in the galley and maybe even learn a trick or two. Remember, all meals are prepared in minimal space, which is often moving, with no electrical appliances and everything is cooked on a wood stove! There's no set menu and the sky is the limit. We always encourage kids to get involved in cooking too. Cooking together builds fond memories and creates traditions that will last a lifetime as well as improving math and reading skills and encouraging teamwork.

All of the food on board is prepared on a 1904 Glenwood "C" no.7 wood stove. There are three meals a day plus an afternoon snack. There are also snacks available at all hours in the galley as well as fresh fruit. Meals are served on deck buffet style unless it's raining in which case we eat in the galley. It can be a tight squeeze but it ends up being a great way to get to know your shipmates!

Breakfast can be eggs and bacon, pancakes and sausage, French toast and canadian bacon, and there is always hot coffee or tea, fresh muffins, breads or pastries, fresh cut fruit and fresh whole fruit, granola, yogurt, cereal, orange juice and other fruit juices.

Lunch consists of soups, chowders, chili, salads, deli sandwiches, fresh breads and dessert (lunch desserts are usually things you can pick up and eat like cookies, bars, squares, or brownies). Afternoon snacks can be as simple as mixed nuts or M&M's or chips and salsa and guacamole (my favorite!), mini bagels and assorted cream cheeses, bruschetta, or chocolate dipped strawberries and apricots.

Dinner is always just too much food; a complete ham dinner, turkey with all the fixings, lemon pepper chicken, pork or beef roasts, homemade baked beans, seasoned mashed potatoes or baked potatoes, always fresh vegetables (some even from my garden later in the season!), fresh bread or rolls and salad. Dinner desserts are usually the type for which you would need a plate or a bowl; pies, mousse, strawberry shortcake, apple crisp, cobblers, etc. all with hand whipped cream.

Fresh vegetables, often from the Captain's own garden, are part of every dinner menuLobster Bake on the Beach - and Look at Those Socks!

Of course one meal during our trip is our famous lobster bake on an uninhabited island. I do the cooking for this meal so the cook has some time off! We all go ashore and have a smorgasbord of lobster, mussels, clams, corn on the cob, vegetables and chips and dip, hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, champagne and s'mores. Lobster not your thing? Don't worry because we provide veggie burgers or kabobs for vegetarians or for folks that don't like or are allergic to seafood.

Given advance notice we can accommodate your special dietary needs.


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